Blackpool Attractions

Blackpool Pleasure BeachThey say you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but that may not be strictly true in one northern location. It seems like Blackpool is all things to all people, as you will find just about every element needed for a fabulous time in this one location. Whether you love the excitement of night life and glitzy entertainment or just want to relax and wind down, Blackpool is the perfect place. Apart from our excellent Ponderosa B&B, here are some of the reasons that around 6 million people from near and far, head to this famous seaside town each year.

Blackpool Beach

Of course you can’t visit Blackpool without experiencing it’s well known Golden Mile. Ice creams, donkey rides and a Punch and Judy museum no less, for a touch of traditional nostalgia. That’s the way to do it! The promenade is accessible 24/7, very close to our B&B and there is so much to see whether it’s glorious summertime or at Christmas time. A distinct Victorian atmosphere abounds at North Pier with a carousel, benches and painted railings. Music from the swing era floats towards the sea at weekends, as afternoon tea is served in the Sun Lounge. The promenade from South Pier to North Pier has undergone a ground breaking refurbishment, with new features being added regularly and Blackpool’s beaches are award winning for their hygiene levels.

Blackpool Entertainment

The attractions at Blackpool are varied and almost limitless, and if you are a bit of a dare devil at heart you will be delighted with some of them. How about trying the internationally famous Pepsi Max Big One roller coaster and the new favourite, Infusion at the Pleasure Beach theme park. There is a mini fairground on the central pier too, and a Big Wheel to take your breath away.

Blackpool Illuminations

The yearly illuminations at Blackpool are a must see for families, couples, groups of friends and anybody else who fancies it. This wonderful spectacle can be seen from September for 66 nights, and many people return each year for the experience.

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool TowerThe cast iron tower, which was built in 1894, stands at a lofty 518 feet, and is known in some quarters as Britain’s answer to the Eiffel tower. Tourists come to ride up the tower and take in the spectacular views offered from the top. Book to see the Tower Circus, check out the Tower Aquarium and gaze at the wonderful Wurlitzer Organ in the ballroom. The tower also boasts a play area for youngsters. Nearby are also the Winter Gardens and the Opera House providing a bit of Blackpool culture.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Blackpool Tower Ballroom hosts hit TV dance competition Strictly Come Dancing every year. It is seen as the perfect venue due to its impressive sprung floors, decorative architecture, glittering chandeliers and ornate balconies. Strictly celebs consider being invited to compete at the prestigious Blackpool venue, proof that they have ‘arrived’. Strictly fans and locals alike flock to the ballroom for some strictly glamour, although tickets for the show are distributed via a random online draw system only.

Blackpool Zoo

A great day is had by all at the zoo in Blackpool, built in 1972, which has over 1,500 animals. The zoo benefited from a recent significant investment which is great news for the resident Apes, Giraffes, Penguins, Gorillas, Rhinos and Elephants. Experts in zoology are on hand to explain about the animal’s behaviours, and how they are cared for daily.

Sea Life Centre

Another educational attraction for nature lovers is Blackpool Sea Life Centre, featuring fifty displays and 1,000 sea creatures. Sea dwelling creatures are often a mystery, and this centre helps both children and adults to understand and discover some fascinating facts. Marine characters such as the seahorse, sharp-spined and thornback rays and the octopus with its three hearts will delight all.

The aqua tunnel gives 180 degree views of tropical fish and 8 ft sharks will have you ducking out of the way as they sail above you. That’s not all as you explore the sunken galleon, meet pirates and discover their tales of life at sea. The Ponderosa B&B is no more than 5 minutes from all of the above attractions, and clean comfortable beds will be waiting for you after your fun filled day!

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